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How to Create Another Account in Clash Royale [Complete Guide]

One of the top mobile internet strategy games is Clash Royale. This is because of the excellent graphics and enjoyable battles (plus, you can download it free from the PlayStore ). Everyone wants to play this game as much as they can because of this. In light of this, you will learn today how to create a second account or maintain two accounts in Clash Royale.

Create Another Account in Clash Royale

 And it is that you need at least two IDs to play in the arenas you choose and have fun with players of different skill levels (like what happened in Clash of Clans) without having to take your glasses off. Having an account and using it to its full potential is not enough.

What is Clash Royale?

With over 100 million downloads, Clash Royale is among the most popular games. In March 2016, it was released internationally, and most recently, it won a Google Play award. Clash Royale, a video game developed by Supercell, was influenced by the company's well-known smash hit Clash of Clans. 

On the Clash Royale Private Server, your access to troops, elixir, cash, and gems is unlimited. It would help if you built your deck in opposition to the other player's deck in this tactical minigame. By using a private server or modified version of Clash Royale, you can instantly max out every one of your warriors.

The best private server and mod for Clash Royale is Master Royale, and it can be played without the base game. The multiplayer, free version of Clash Royale called Master Royale offers endless resources and cards, so all you have to worry about is creating decks and using strategies. Try it out to get new knowledge and experience!

Create Another Account in Clash Royale

To get straight to the point, you should know that there are two ways to answer the question How to make another account or have two accounts in Clash Royale?, both are effective and entirely legal; the first is through the Supercell ID.

If you are an experienced user, you probably need to be aware of this option because it is relatively new. In essence, the business responsible for creating this game made a single account for all the fun they oversee, including Clash Royale.

You can create another account using this ID. Go to the icon with the three white horizontal stripes and press it; this will bring up a menu from which you must choose "Settings."

You only need to click the blue "Connect" button there for it to give you the option of using your Supercell login information or creating an account. You must already have an account connected to it to progress since you must permit it to end a session.

By doing this, the game will restart, allowing you to play without creating an account from scratch (you must press the grey button to proceed without ID). To save or finish making it, you must return to the Supercell ID section and register this account with a new email.

If you want to switch accounts in Clash Royale, all you need to do is sign out of the game, then select the "Login with another ID" button on the green option that appears when the game is restarted. A Clash Royale account can also be recovered on Android and iPhone, owing to the supercell ID.

Duplicate the Clash Royale

The last technique addressed the query, "How to make another account or have two accounts in Clash Royale," but if you're still unsatisfied, you can try another hack employed before obtaining the Supercell ID.

To accomplish this, you must first download the third-party app Parallel Space-multi accounts from the Google Play Store. Once you have it, open it on your phone and observe the simple setup steps.

parallel space for clash royale

When you are on the main screen, you will see a list of mobile applications you can copy. Select Clash Royale and click the blue "Add to Parallel Space" button. A confirmation prompt will appear.

This will prompt you to download a different, identical application's 64-bit version (since Clash Royale is 64-bit). Open it once you have it and select Clash Royale and the previous button.

This will start the game as if you didn't have an account, allowing you to sign up for one and use it to play both in the original edition and this copy (you will always have to get into Parallel, but that is not a problem).

Final Words

And there you have it—all the information you require to maintain your two accounts. Therefore, the topic of How to make a second account or having two versions in Clash Royale is no longer relevant. The excitement in Clash Royale doesn't end after registering a free account, so grab your phone and begin the arena fight.



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